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Usual Monday at the office. You're working overtime in the office building at Domaniewska street. It's getting late, so you're wrapping everything up and going to go back home. Unfortunately there's a blackout and you're left alone in the building, blind in the darkness. You have to get out as quick as possible. You've been told you're the last person tonight at the office, but it seems there's someone else there. Someone. Something. Unknown.

It's an Android application which makes use of audio only - there's no need to look at the screen. All you have to do is to tape your phone to your head (screen-side to your forehead), put on your favorite headphones and try to get out of the scary office.  you can "look" around to try to locate yourself in the room and walk forward by triggering built-in pedometer. Just try not to run into the Unknown.


asda.apk 58 MB

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